FRIENDS Quiz in Warsaw

PiwPaw Beer Heaven

Sun, November 17th 2019

18:00 20:00

Foksal 16 / 00-001 / Warszawa / PL

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    7 zł

    If you gather a team of 5-6 players, you can enter the quiz for PLN 5 per person! Larger teams also have a better chance of winning! * The maximum number of players in a team is 6 people.

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  • Ticket on the door

    15 zł Gone

Do you also shout Pivot, Pivot, Pivot while moving a sofa? Do you like Unagi? Do you know all Phoebe’s songs by heart? Or do you also like just to sit, sip coffee and talk for hours with your friends?

Let Question One take you back to simpler times at two wonderful, unaffordable, apartments (and Central Perk!) in New York City, where we will reminisce about the lives of Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Monica, Chandler, and Smelly Cat.

10 seasons and 236 episodes boiled down to 40 NEW questions and NEW challenges! Don’t worry, there’s still a lot of time to watch the show for the first time (or 101st!), prepare for the quiz and to convince those reluctant friends of yours to get familiar with all the important jokes and moments of the series!

For example: Has Ross visited the Sun or what happened to his lips? What scenarios did Phoebe create for 10 years from now? What could happen to Rachel’s baby?

See you all on Sunday, the 17th of November at PiwPaw!
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Turn the TV on, say “How you doin’?” and relax before the quiz with Question One!